FAQ: Starter Plan & Word Usage

Learn all the essentials about how words are spent in Copysmith!

How are words used?

Each time you generate copy, words will be deducted from your word pool based on the number of words in the output.

How many word do I get?

  • Free trial includes 2500 words across a 7 day period
  • Monthly Starter plan includes 20,000 words per month

  • Annual Starter plan includes unlimited words.
  • Professional and Enterprise level plans have unlimited words. 

How do I know how many words I have left?

Your remaining words are shown in the upper, left-hand corner above My Workspace. When creating copy in a template, you'll also see your words in the upper, right-hand corner!

Can I view my word usage history?

Absolutely! Click your initials in the upper right corner to access your Usage Dashboard. From your dashboard,  you can see what templates you use the most in a date range of your choice.

How can I conserve words?

If you feel you're depleting your word pool too quickly, be sure to check how many variations Copysmith is creating for you as you create content. You'll see an option in most templates allowing you to set the number of variants created each time you click Generate!

What do we recommend? Start with one variation per generation before choosing to increase to a larger number of variants. Generating 1 variant 5x uses the same number of words as generating 5 variants 1x so use this to your advantage when looking to conserve words! 

When do my words reset?

Words reset on the first day of your new billing cycle. If you are not sure when your billing date is you can check that at any time under the Billing tab in your profile.

Does my team share words?

Yes, the words included in your plan plus any add-ons are shared by all team members added to your account. Each team member will see the total number of words the account has remaining in the upper left corner of Copysmith.