What is Command Copy?

Learn the power and use cases of the Command Copy tool in the Copysmith Editor.

Command Copy is an instruction you give to Copysmith's AI on what you need to create. Have a super specific use case? Command Copy is your solution. The possibilities with Command Copy are endless and can be overwhelming on where to start. No worries! Let's show you how to command copy!

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Command Examples

Improve Writing

  • Rewrite the following excerpt to sound less formal: [text]
  • Rephrase this paragraph to be easier to read. 
  • Add more to this sentence to make it a paragraph.
  • Explain [topic] to a 5 year old. 
  • Add a festive holiday tone to this product description: [text]


  • Write a 30 second TikTok script for [x]
  • Write an engaging Facebook post about this topic: [topic]
  • Write a short but funny Instagram caption about [topic]

Content Creation

  • Write a paragraph about [topic]
  • Generate 3 taglines for [x] with [y] tone
  • Write an article on the topic of [x]


  • Write a LinkedIn bio based on [position], [years experience], and [passions]
  • Write a persuasive cover letter for the following job, with x years experience. 
  • Write a Thank You card for an extravagant gift
  • Write an email asking for a favor


  • Summarize the concept of [topic] as if it was for a child. 
  • Write a concluding paragraph for the following article: [article]