Collaborating with Your Team

Using Copysmith alongside your colleagues? Use team features to make collaboration simple.

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Adding new team members

Need to invite your teammates? Follow these easy steps to send an invite. If you've maxed out your free team seats, don't worry - you can certainly add more! Here's how.

Sharing files and projects

  1. From the Files tab, find the copy you'd like to share and select the three dots on the far right.
  2. Select Share with Team.
  3. From there, select who you'd like to share your file with, choose to make them a Viewer or Editor, and decide whether to give them access to a single file or the entire project.
  4. Once you've shared, your teammate will see a new Shared with me section appear in their Files tab.

Using the Workflow Queue

Use the Workflow Queue to assign files to your teammates and apply a project status.

Accessing the Workflow queue

Once you login to Copysmith, select the Team tab in the left sidebar. You'll see the Workflow Queue section and several other team tabs depending on your permissions.

Assigning files

When working in any file, use the two drop-downs a the top to assign copy to another team member and elect to choose a status. Once you save your file, they will see this file in their Workflow Queue!