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Subscription Add-ons with Copysmith

You now have the option to enhance your Copysmith subscription by purchasing add-ons!

Add-on options

🌟 Additional Team Seats: Add additional team members to your plan to collaborate on your copy in real-time.

🌟Art Studio: Create AI generated images. Learn more about the Art Studio here!

How to purchase add-ons

  1. In the left sidebar, click the Add-on tab (looks like a puzzle piece).
  2. On the Features tab, you'll see all available add-on options.
  3. Click on the Activate button for the add-on you would like to purchase, and you will then see a pop-up to increase the units & add your credit card information.
  4. 4) Click Confirm, and you will have successfully added your add-ons πŸŽ‰

Note: If you already have your credit card information stored, it will auto-populate but you have the option to charge an alternate card.

Reviewing Your Add-ons

To check your add-ons, you can click on your initials in the top left corner, and click on Billing.

Here you'll see which add-ons are connected to your subscription. You can cancel/modify on this page!



Lifetime & Starter Plan Customers have 1 user included in their subscription and can add additional at $9/user.

Professional Plan Customers have 5 free users included in their subscription and can add additional at $9/user.

Enterprise Customers will have 20 free users included in their subscription and can add additional at $9/user.