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Integrate with Google Docs

Bring Copysmith where you work the most using our Google Docs integration!

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Set up your Google Docs integration

  1. In the left sidebar, click the Add-ons icon.

  2. Within the Integrations section, find Google Docs and click the Connect button.
  3. You'll be prompted to choose the Google account you'd like to connect.
  4. When prompted to give Copysmith access to Google Drive and Google Docs, be sure to click Allow.
  5. At the top of the page, click the Show API Keys button.
  6. Copy the Google Docs API key.

  7. Open a Google Doc.
  8. Click Extensions and select Get Add-ons from the drop down menu.

  9. Search for Copysmith and follow the prompts to install.

  10. In your Extensions menu you'll now see Copysmith, select the option to open it in the side bar.

  11. The first time you open the sidebar, you'll be prompted to paste your API key from step 5.

Tip: If your team works in Copysmith together, you can each connect your own Google account.

Publish to Google Docs

Important: Make sure your Copysmith account is connected to your Google Docs account first! Here's how to connect.

  1. Once you have a generation ready, click the 3 dots in the hover on the right.
  2. Select the Publish to Google Docs option.
  3. Choose between publishing to an existing Google Docs file or create a new one.
  4. Click the Publish button!

Tip: Once you publish, you'll see an option appear to view the Google Doc. This is a short cut to viewing the document you just created!

Rewrite & expand content directly in Google Docs

Important: Before you begin, you must already have the Google Docs integration installed!

  1. Open a Google Doc and click the Extensions tab in the upper ribbon to the launch Copysmith sidebar.

  2. Choose the option to Rewrite or Expand.

  3. Highlight the text you'd like to rewrite or expand and drag it over to the input paragraph (or copy & paste).

  4. Click the Generate button in your sidebar.

  5. Toggle through your generations to find the one you like best and click the Insert at Cursor button.

Quick tips

  • There is a 400 character limit for the input paragraph.

  • You can edit the generation in the sidebar before clicking the Insert at Cursor button.

  • If your text is highlighted and you click the Insert at Cursor button it will replace your highlighted text, but if you'd like to preserve that text you can move the cursor to the place you'd like the text to be inserted instead.