Rewrite with Google Docs

How to use the Content Rewriter and Expander in Google Docs

Important: Before you begin, you must already have the Google Docs integration installed!
  1. Open a Google Doc and click the Add-ons menu to launch Copysmith in your sidebar.

  2. Choose the option to Rewrite or Expand.

  3. Highlight the text you'd like to rewrite or expand and drag it over to the input paragraph.

  4. Click the Generate button.

  5. Toggle through your generations to find the one you like best and click the Insert at Cursor button.

Things to note

  • There is a 400 character limit for the input paragraph.

  • You can edit the generation in the sidebar before clicking the Insert at Cursor button.

  • You can drag the text or copy and paste it into the input field.

  • If your text is highlighted and you click the Insert at Cursor button it will replace your highlighted text, but if you'd like to preserve that text you can move the cursor to the place you'd like the text to be inserted instead.