Generating SEO Metatags

How to start creating SEO Metatags with Copysmith

Create a new file

  1. On the left-hand sidebar, click the Files tab, and click Create New.
  2. Search for the SEO Metatags template.
  3. Click the Create button!

Enter key information

  1. Add the name of your company or product.

  2. Provide your page's URL.

  3. Then add a quick description of your company or product to let the AI tool adapt to the tone of your brand. We recommend 1 to 3 sentences that speak to your company’s main features and benefits.

  4. Type in target keywords (just 1–2) defining the text that the metatag will contain: this may include the main features of your company or product that are most likely to be used in the search box.

  5. Additionally, you can indicate keywords to avoid that you DO NOT want to appear in your generated ads.

Generate copy!

Click “Generate” and voila—you have a bunch of copy options. Those are ready-made SEO metatags!

Tweak and Share

Discard what doesn’t work for you, flag your favorites, and assign it to one of your teammates!