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Credit FAQs

Frequently asked questions about credits

What is a credit?

Credits are redeemed for generations of copy you create from template to template.

How many credits do I get?

  • Starter plan includes 75 credits per month.

  • Professional plan includes 400 credits with an upgrade option for unlimited credits.

  • Enterprise plan includes up to unlimited credits.

How can I get more credits?

Any plan with a limited number of credits can purchase an additional 25 credits per month for $10/month.

When does a credit get used?

A credit gets used when you click the Generate button on a template. It will tell you how many credits will be used below the Generate button.

Which templates use more than one credit?

🌟 Landing Pages consume 8 credits

🌟 Event Press Release 3 credits

🌟 Unique Value Prop 2 credits

🌟 Bullet Point Expander consumes 3 credits

🌟 Content Rewriter consumed 2 credits

🌟 Content Enhancer consumes 2 credits

🌟 Blog Kickstarter consumes 3 credits

🌟 Every other short form template consumes 1 credit

How much content can I generate with each credit?

Each credit will generate about 400 words on average, which means if you’re on the Starter plan, you can generate about 20k words per month, and if you’re on the Pro plan, you can generate about 160k words per month.

How do I know how many credits I have left?

Your remaining credits are shown in the upper, left-hand corner when accessing any section in the left ribbon. When creating copy in a template, you'll also see your credits in the upper, right-hand corner!

Does my team share credits?

Yes, the credits included in your plan plus any add-ons are shared by all team members added to your account. Each team member will see the total number of credits the account has remaining in the upper left corner of Copysmith.

When Will My Credits Reset?

Credits reset on the first day of your new billing cycle. If you are not sure when your billing date is you can check that at any time under the Billing tab in your profile.