Creating Google Ads

How to generate Google Ads with Copysmith

Create a New File

  1. Click the purple + Create button

  2. Choose File from the dropdown.

  3. Search for Google Ad in the template search.

Enter in key information

  1. Add the name of your company or product.

  2. List your intended audiences in more general terms by specifying your ideal customer profile. 1 to 3 audience types are recommended for best results.

  3. Then add a quick description of your company or product to let the AI tool adapt to the tone of your brand.

  4. Optimize your content by including several ad keywords as well as keywords to avoid.

Generate Ad

  1. Click “Generate” and voila—you get 10–20 pieces of copy. These are ready-to-use Google ads! Every field is uniquely generated for you.

Tweak and save

Discard what doesn’t work for you, flag your favorites, and assign it to one of your teammates!

🌟 Fun fact: when you upgrade to a paid account, we use your liking, editing, and deletion activity to fine-tune our model’s understanding of your writing style. So the more you use Copysmith, the closer to your writing style Copysmithing becomes!

Share your work

You may want to discuss the generated metatags. To share your work with colleagues, simply click “Share copy.” Your teammates can upvote and downvote generations.

Google Ads are already rendered as they will appear. All the generations can now be saved in CSV: an easy-to-use function that lets you directly add the copy to your website, blog platform, or editor tool. Click 'Download all as CSV' on the top after you make the selection!


You can always go back to this campaign and generate more tags with the same parameters. Feel free to regenerate new copy ideas by adding and deleting parameters, or start anew with a fresh card.