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Creating Blog Posts in Copysmith

Looking to rewrite an existing blog or draft a new one from scratch? Let Copysmith do the work!

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Create a blog from scratch

If you have an idea and are starting a blog from scratch, use the Blog Kickstarter template to kick things off. Copysmith will lead you through a 4-step process of:

  1. Telling the AI what you want to write about
  2. Refining your idea
  3. Creating a blog outline
  4. Drafting a full blog post

Once Copysmith creates your blog, your copy will save to the Editor where you can easily edit, rewrite, or enhance your copy using built-in tools.

Rewrite an existing blog

If you already have a blog post you need to spruce up or completely rewrite, the Editor is your friend. Think of this template as a blank canvas where you can freely edit and refine your copy!

Paste your blog content into the Editor and use the tools on the left side to manipulate your copy. If you're new to this template, I'd recommend starting with the Content Rewriter followed by the Add More and Content Enhancer options!

Tip: The AI cannot rewrite your entire blog all at once. Highlight each paragraph at a time and then select your preferred tool in the right sidebar.

Get to know Copysmith blog templates

Copysmith has a host of tools to help craft blog content no matter what stage of the creation process you're in! Be sure to check out these templates:

  • Blog Kickstarter: Takes your topic from idea to outline and then to blog - generating long form blogs and articles in rapid time.
  • Blog Ideas: Generate a list of blog ideas in just a few clicks.
  • Blog Title: Write an engaging title for your blog posts.
  • Blog Intro: Kickstart your creativity with a nice intro paragraph. Pair it with the Blog Ideas template to save time.
  • Blog Outline: Create the outline of your next blog.

Not finding the right tool? Reach out to our team at support@copysmith.ai, and we'll brainstorm with you!