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Building Custom Templates

Have a specific use case in mind? Create a custom template for you and your team!

Creating custom templates

  1. In the Create tab, click the Custom tab. You can submit or edit exiting templates or create a new custom template from this section.

  2. To create a new template, click the New custom content generator option at the bottom.
  3. Give your template a title and description.

  4. Write your prompt and add your inputs.
    Note: This is the most important piece of your template! See the next section for tips on creating great prompts and outputs.

  5. Adjust settings for creativity and content length.
    Note: The higher your creativity value, the more the AI will use complex language that differs from your original input.

  6. Fill in values for the input fields you created in the previous step.

  7. Click Generate and view your results. 

Important: Creating custom templates requires some trial an error. If your generations aren't what you expect, try editing your prompt and inputs in the previous step and adjusting your creativity value.

Tips for writing prompts and inputs

When writing prompts, think of the AI as a person you're talking to and making a singular, specific request of.

  • Only give one command. E.g. "Write a birthday card description."
  • Be concise and direct.
  • Use between 3-5 inputs. Less is more.
  • Avoid special characters. E.g. Instead of using a "$", writing the word "dollar".
  • Ensure your inputs are surrounded by curly brackets. E.g. {30} years old
  • Expect to edit your prompt and inputs multiple times to get the results you're looking for. The AI doesn't always interpret your command as you intended!

Bonus tip: Once you've added inputs, click the + sign next to your input name to insert it into your prompt at the position of your cursor.

Submitting templates for approval

  1. In the last step of template creation, click the Submit template for review button to send your custom template to the Copysmith team.
  2. Our team will review your template and either approve your template for use or email you if we see any problems or have suggestions.
  3. Once approved, your custom template will appear in the Custom section of the Create tab.

Note: Please allow 2 full business days for your template to be approved. If you don't see your template approved within that timeframe, reach out to us at support@copysmith.com.